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Is Demand For Gold Seasonal and Does it Follow a Pattern?

This a frequently asked ask. No doubt, the demand for gold is seasonal throughout the world. There are interchange seasonal patterns to demand gold jewelery. The pattern differs from one country to choice. The global demand for gold is normally strongest in the fourth quarter of the year. Demand for gold is generally the weakest in Northern Hemisphere summer, as soon as European jewelery producers are mainly closed. Demand increases in fourth quarter of year, because every second nations celebrate various festivals, and activities at that epoch.

For more info Eid Mubarak

In the western world, especially at the become outmoded-fashioned of Christmas, people get your hands on more gold. Therefore, Christmas is the season to attain gold in West. On the eve of Christmas, people come stirring as soon as the money for gold gifts to their loved ones, and make their Christmas more beautiful.

As in the make cold and wide as Islamic world is concerned Eid ul Fitr (subside of Ramadan) is the foremost gold giving situation. Eid Al Adha is marginal special matter for the Muslims. It takes place seventy days after the Eid Al Fitr. Eid Al Adha is in addition to a momentous gold-giving time to the connections, and relatives. Pilgrims who accretion Mecca and Medina for Haj and Umra along with get sticking together of gold for themselves, and for their associates.

Pakistan is surrounded by the severity ten consumers of gold. In Pakistan, people mostly make a get of gold at the period of wedding seasons. In all wedding in Pakistan, gold is considered snappish item of dowry. The price of gold at era of marriage seasons is usually high.

In Turkey, demand is highest due to tourist purchases in the third quarter of year. Point to note is that the seasonal pattern does not have an effect on cost of gold. It is commonly known in the gold markets, and is as a consequences, passably priced. In colleague in crime to demand, there are many additional factors, which nervousness the cost of gold in Turkey.

In China and East Asia, people mostly obtain gold at the epoch of Chinese New Year, which is actually the last portion of January, or first half of February. Throughout the festivities, Chinese people prominently display gold, because it signifies deafening fortune.

In India, gold buying becomes higher during the wedding season, and at the become antiquated of festivals that differ from one region to another. The biggest Indian festival is Diwali. From region to region, the wedding season differs, but it is generally from November to May. The two-week Shrad era during August, is disappointing for ceremonies associated gone gold buying. Adik Mas follow this, which is then not a era to attainment gold. (Accurate dates differ, as the Hindu calendar is a lunar one.)

You can locate visible spike in months of January and September, because at that era Indian manufacturers typically refill inventories to fulfill the demands of two Indian wedding seasons. The festival of Diwali starts in the month of November, and ends in December. The second begins in late March, and goes to to the lead May. Even the price of gold increases taking into account total in the value of dollar, people yet get your hands on gold especially at time of celebrations, and now buying gold is turning into a compulsion.


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