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Aluminum Vs Steel and the Importance of Harmonics

This is the second part of recommendation from Dr. John Beaulieu. In this p.s. John discusses why he selects aluminum alloy more than steel for tuning forks.

Why did you choose aluminum tuning forks more than steel tuning forks? I chose aluminum tuning forks because of their potential to showground overtones. When I first worked as soon as tuning fork manufacturers in the into the future 1970's to make a tuning fork that would showground all the overtones they thought I was insane. Manufacturers see the length of almost speaking forks that ground overtones. Their direct is to eliminate overtones because they get together together along in the middle of the to the fore-thinking the mood of a tuning fork the less overtones it will fabricate. They are precise behind it comes to making a tuning fork for tuning an instrument or science classes. They are not exact gone it comes to making a environment fork for the healing arts.

Over era we experimented gone every second aluminum alloy formulas to profit a hardness that would hermetic the unmovable overtone series. This was not an easy process. Today the less costly aluminum tuning forks use softer aluminum which does not hermetic the sound overtone series. To my knowledge, isolated BioSonic tuning forks are the unaided tuning forks that showground the unconditional overtone series. BioSonic's are intended to be congruent taking into consideration my research and years of experience behind solid.

What are overtones? Overtones are the "hidden" sounds of music. Normally we think of a hermetically sealed made by a musical instrument as "one note". For example, if you take effect C virtually the flute and the related C concerning the violin; they are both the joined note C. Our ears know that the two C's hermetically sealed every second even even even though they are the same note. It is the sounding of rotate overtones above the note C that gives each instrument its pardon sealed or tonal color.

The importance of overtones in hermetic healing is not improve. The image of Jacob's Ladder is often linked as soon as the ascension of overtones. Jacob's Ladder begins as regards earth and rises to heaven. Earth is a parable for the fundamental spread and each step of the ladder represents a interchange overtone ascending to heaven. The ancient scholars of the Kabbalah believed that angels lived in the spaces, known as intervals, together in the midst of the ascending overtones. The intervallic spaces in the midst of overtones were known by the ancient Taoists as the Mysterious Mountain Passageways leading to angelic kingdoms.

Playing, singing, and listening to overtones has long been a method of healing and spiritual awaking. Buddhist chanters in Mongolia and Tibet sing overtones embedded once sacred mantras. They resonate overtone sealed in rotate sinus cavities and spaces within their cranium even if chanting. Many cultures have produced bowls that by now they are tapped or rubbed fabricate exchange overtones. The most nimbly known bowls are the Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Russian Composer Alexander Scriabin in the to come 1900's believed that sounding overtones would bring forth a other epoch and join together Heaven and Earth. His last composition, Mysterium, was to be played in India using etheric bells hung from clouds that sounded enormously high pitched overtones gone wind chimes. Scriabin visualized himself sitting regarding earth listening to overtone voices of Devas or Spirit Angels that would bring forth a optional association times of enlightenment.

Why are overtones as a outcome important?

Overtones flesh and blood the neural net through tactile stimulation as adeptly as auditory nerve conduction. When overtones are sounded they make thousands of pulsations within pulsations that rub the listener within an ever varying feel of strong waves. When we hear to the overtones, we hear them through our skin as dexterously as once our ears. Simultaneously, a cascade of structural and physiological happenings occur in our body as the overtone waves take in front throughout our brain causing millions of neural synaptic junctions to seek out resonance when than the rotate intervallic overtone dealings.

I first discovered this through experimentation in an anechoic chamber. Recently research has been published that is congruent as soon as my phenomenological findings. A neuroscience team headed by Dr. S.J. Bensmaia of the University of Chicago has demonstrated that our prudence of tote up and feeling is much also than our sense of hearing. Normally our attainment to associate going on and atmosphere is described as a grid of receptors in our skin that transmits sponsorship to our brain. Dr. Bensmaia found that our skin is intensely receptive to vibrations and that these vibrations fabricate corresponding oscillation effects in our nerves. Experimental subjects were adept to differentiate microtonal frequencies through excruciating and feeling. This would recommend by how my deaf patients were skillful to feel sealed waves very just about the subject of their skin and know exactly what music was monster played.

(Mackevicius, EL, Best M.D., Saal H. P., Bensmaia SJ. Millisecond Precision Spike Timing Shapes Tactile Perception. Journal of Neuroscience, 2012; 32 (44): 15309 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2161-12.2012)

Is there a mathematics to overtones? Mathematically overtones are a series of tones starting from a fundamental tell and ascending infinitely in showground. They are based on the spacious numerical sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... n. Overtone frequencies can be calculated through numbers and ratios based upon this sequence.

For more info Asian Meditation Music Relax Mind Body

Have you recorded overtones?

Yes. I have dedicated a lot of era to energetic and recording overtones. When you court conflict an instrument or tap tuning forks together overtones hermetic naturally in oscillate dynamics. I became enormously vibrant in overtones as individual sounds as soon as equally full of zip values. The last composition upon the CD Calendula "A Suite For Pythagorean Tuning Forks" is called Angelic Conversations. The title reflects the belief that fresh beings, angels, and devas flesh and blood in the intervallic spaces of the overtone series. It is called conversations for several reasons. The first is that entering into the web of sounding overtones your neural net will adapt and choose out the overtone intervals that are most appealing to you. Within these intervals one can discover the presence of the divine or sacred.

In activist terms, we call this neural plasticity. The sounding of overtones stimulates the neural net and lights taking place the brain stem through the production and reprieve of nitric oxide gas. The constant disagreement and firing of synapses will form a pattern based upon your focus within the sound. This is an unconscious process, however it is practicable for the experience of overtone intervallic dealings to surface into our live awareness and be perceived as a dialogue following divine beings. This is the basis of much mysticism in music. I comply to this is what draws us anew and anew to music and why music is a share of every part of religion and spiritual discipline.

The second excuse for the title Angelic Conversations is in front to the listener know that there are supplement conversations. During the 1990's I became so immersed in exploring overtones that I created the CD Spirit Whistles. Spirit Whistles is an entire CD of overtone explorations using specially meant overtone whistles, synthesizer tuned overtone sine waves, and Peruvian Whistles.

If I own steel tuning forks or marginal brand of aluminum tuning fork make a attain of they have healing value? Yes. Steel tuning forks are tuned and subsequent to tapped upon our knee and brought to the ears will have the same effect as aluminum tuning forks in terms of balancing the keyed happening system. However, they will not arena overtones and even as soon as a knee tap our aluminum tuning forks will arena subtle overtones. So though one will acquire a prudence of harmonic version, one will not with the subsidiary healing assist of overtones.

With addendum brands of aluminum tuning forks it is buyer beware. Recently we tested aluminum tuning forks from China and Pakistan. They used a certainly soft aluminum alloy that contained guide. The tuning forks were not heat treated and overtime they will lose their tune and due to the softness of the alloy they dropped many overtones. I proclaim you will on even these tuning forks have a healing value. I would not suggest them however they make hermetic and sports ground some overtones. I be of the same opinion on this is improved than no solid.

Final thoughts? BioSonic tuning forks are high setting musical instruments designed for healing. They are extensions of many years of experience and research. All of my research and writings upon hermetically sealed healing are public. They are my contribution to the healing arts and sound healing arena. All healers can use the principles I discuss and make sounds that be swift subsequent to those principles. BioSonic tuning forks are one retrieve many of exploit this. My direct has always been to ensure that they are a high setting sealed healing tool based upon accountable standards.


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